Holiday Penny-Pinching Tip #1

Holiday Penny-Pinching Tips

The holiday music is blaring and the sales are everywhere, the most wonderful time of the year is upon us! The problem is how do you stretch the money you have to maximize savings when the entire season urges us to spend, spend, and spend! It’s important to save everywhere that you can. Here are some Holiday Penny-Pinching Tips to save money, while still getting into the holidays and giving spirit!

#1 Penny-Pinching Tip: Make a List and Check It Twice

Holiday Penny-Pinching Tip #1
Make a list of people you’re buying for with ideas on what to buy for each person and check it twice before you spend a penny. Have an idea of what you’re looking before you even step into a store or go online so that you’re not buying items impulsively and risking over spending.

Create a budget. If you are going to use credit cards, is that something that makes sense for your monthly budget? Remember, the holidays will pass and you’ll have an extra bill to pay in January. Be prepared for that before you swipe. If you’re going to use a credit card, use the one with the lowest interest rate and have a plan to pay it off as soon as possible.

#2 Penny-Pinching Tip: Holiday E-Cards

Holiday Penny-Pinching Tips #2
Holiday cards can be quite costly. Consider skipping the envelopes and stamps and send out an electronic card this year instead with these great Holiday Penny-Pinching Tips. There are so many Photo Apps out there, it’s easy to do and you can customize a card for each person. A major perk is if they really want to, they can print it out themselves! Seems like a win for everyone.

#3 Penny-Pinching Tip: Pillows, Throws and Crochet

Holiday Penny-Pinching Tip #3
While your seven year-old may not appreciate homemade toys, there are ways to incorporate some items into your gift giving this year that are homemade. Pillows and pillowcases make a great gift, especially if they have been personalized.

There are many ideas out there to help you pull this one off. If you have basic sewing skills, you could easily make some cute throws for family members based around things they love. There are plenty of fabrics for favorite sports teams a little can go a long way.

Or you could crochet a blanket or a scarf using their favorite colors. It’s as simple as getting some yarn and watching a beginner crocheting video on YouTube. Super easy and fun to do!

#4 Penny-Pinching Tip: Holiday Baking

Holiday Penny-Pinching Tip #4
Baking is a fun and easy way to stretch the budget for people all around you. Get a little fancy or keep it simple, it’s the thought that counts especially if you’re in a financial pinch. Family members, co-workers, neighbors and teachers will appreciate the effort put forth on some mini banana breads or sugar cookies tied up with a pretty bow. Baked goods do not go to waste and they take up no space so they are well-received gifts for anyone!

#5 Penny-Pinching Tip: Hand Made Ornaments

Holiday Penny-Pinching Tip #5
If the recipient has a Christmas tree, think about hand made ornaments or even a store bought one that is personalized specifically for them. Ornaments are a very cost efficient gift if you are not able to make them yourself. People are always more impressed when thought is put into a gift idea. Use these Holiday Penny-Pinching Tips to your advantage!

#6 Penny-Pinching Tip: Outside The Box ­– An Experience

Holiday Penny-Pinching Tip #6Think outside the box when it comes to gifts. Many sites offer discounts on experiences like horseback riding, karate lessons or pub-crawls. Think of using sites like that to purchase an experience compared to a tangible gift this year. Maybe the person would like to go to a painting or pottery class. By thinking outside the box, you can save money and get something for people they will truly enjoy.

If you can’t afford to buy an entire experience yourself, ask a few family members to chip in and get the gift together. Again, it’s the thought that counts, so put a little brainpower behind these Holiday Penny-Pinching Tips this year and save yourself the wear and tear on your wallet!

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