Rapid Auto Loans' New Billing and Payment Provider

Speedpay Selected as Billing and Payments Provider for Rapid Auto Loans

Speedpay’s platform will provide Rapid Auto Loans’ customers with a convenient, efficient electronic payments experience

Speedpay, Inc.®, a Western Union subsidiary, announced it was selected as the electronic billing presentment and payments provider for Rapid Auto Loans, a Florida-based consumer finance company specializing in immediate short-term cash loans on vehicles. As part of its agreement with Speedpay, Rapid Auto Loans will now offer customers a personalized, efficient payments experience through Speedpay’s industry-leading platform.

“We understand there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to payments, so we worked with Rapid Auto Loans to configure a solution that addresses their customers’ needs,” said Frank Lockridge, senior vice president, Western Union Global Payments and head of Speedpay. “Working together closely, we were able to implement an efficient payments solution to help Rapid Auto Loans save money.”

Speedpay selected as billing and payments provider for Rapid Auto Loans providing a convenient and efficient payments experience

Prior to signing with Speedpay, Rapid Auto Loans faced challenges with payment processing. Looking for a convenient offering that provided them with more control, the family-operated company selected Speedpay, which created a payments experience designed to meet the needs of Rapid Auto Loans’ customers.

“We are committed to providing personalized experiences for customers who have immediate funding needs and working with organizations that align with our brand values,” said Vana Gerardi-Ross, chief operating officer, Rapid Auto Loans. “It was important for us to find a cost-effective, comprehensive payments provider with a focus on digital customer solutions to help us develop a specialized offering – and we found that with Speedpay.”

Due to Speedpay’s near perfect uptime, Rapid Auto Loans can process payments with very few interruptions and customer service representative interactions. Speedpay drives measurable results for clients by developing payments strategies that are proven to maximize ROI, reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve customer experience and satisfaction.

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